How To Make My Penis Bigger - My Own Sensational Story

Finding out how to make my penis bigger began for me at the age of 14. like most lads that age I was starting to take note of my body and girls, it was then that I noticed that I had a small penis compared to the other lads. Now don't get me wrong I'm no peeping tom but when your getting changed and showered with 30 other lads you can't help but notice, and that is were my problems began.

When I was 15 I made it my mission to find out how to make my penis bigger when I overheard fellow pupils laughing and taking the mick out of the size of my penis after a P.E lesson. it was the most embarrassing moment of my life as they realized I had heard them and the group they were with (including girls) burst into fits of laughter.

I had tried my hardest to cover up in the changing rooms and always made sure I was first or last in the showers when no one else was around but it had been in vain, the next year of high school was torture as my confidence hit rock bottom and I fell out of favor with the popular kids.

It was around this time my parents got the Internet and I found an advert for pills that promised to make my penis bigger. My excitement when they arrived was something I hadn't experienced since Christmas as a kid. the instructions said to eat two twice a day, I remember shoving four in my mouth there and then. I experienced vomiting and diarrhea daily but It was a full month before I decided they weren't working to make my penis any bigger.

The next method I invested in to make my penis bigger was buying my very own penis pump. The look on the cashiers face as she tried to stifle her laughter still makes me cringe to this day. I remember my joy after my first session when I could definitely see an increase in size, I also remember the disappointment when it shrank back to a peanut after a hour. I carried on regardless anyway, until the blisters on my penis became too sore and I decided the agony wasn't worth it.

Creams I tried for about three months, about the same too for some herbal medicine I bought from a new age shop which the old Mr Miagi look a like promised would make my penis bigger. I even bought myself some special weights designed for stretching and making the penis bigger, they hurt too much though so It quickly ended up in the cob webbed drawer along with the penis pump.

I was getting desperate, I hadn't had a girlfriend for years as my confidence was so low, I was depressed and angry that none of the so called 'certainties' had managed to help bigger my penis. I had started to save up for surgery as it was the only option I felt was left, and had saved nearly four hundred pounds when I came across the solution.

I had heard of and even briefly tried natural exercises to make my penis bigger, but had quickly given up when I read on the web that they didn't work. how stupid I was, because whilst browsing the web one day I came across a forum about increasing penis size (yes, one does exist) and to my shock they were all raving about how jelqing and flexing and other exercises had helped them gain inches to there penis size.

I quickly found the best info I could and set to work immediately, that was about two years ago and my penis size is something I no longer have to worry about. That is my story of how I found how to make my penis bigger. So to anyone out there who bothered to read this if your looking to increase your size I would suggest to look up penis enlargement exercises, such as the ones given here, before trying anything else, that is the method I used for how to make my penis bigger and I wish someone could have told me this years ago.


How To Grow Your Penis Without Risky Surgery Or Dangerous Pills

"Click here to learn how to grow your penis" is a heading most people see at least once a week in their email in box, for most people this is nothing more than annoying spam that gets promptly deleted or sent to the spam folder. But for some men it is a question they themselves would like to know the answer of. lets take a look of a few questions someone looking for a how to grow your penis method may ask.

Do these pills, creams, patches and other various ointments I see around the web work to grow your penis?

In short no. there as been no evidence found in all the research done that any of these so called penis enhancer's work. what's more many have been found to contain harmful ingredients such as pesticides, lead and even traces of animal feces. More and more sites selling such items are appearing more and more on the Internet as their is such a huge market for them. Avoid them though at all cost as they are nothing more than scams after your money.

What about penis pumps do they work and are they safe?

whilst penis pumps are usually marketed as a way how to grow your penis their original function was as a device for men with trouble getting erections. Although it has been found that the penis pump will over time strengthen the penis muscles they will not help permently make your penis bigger. they have also been linked to causing blisters and sore skin, and burst blood vessels. They have also been criticized for there expensive price for such a simple instrument.

Shall I save up for penis enhancement surgery?

while that decision is one only you can make you should be aware that 85% of all men who undergo the knife to help their penis grow are unhappy with the resulting change. This is mainly due to the fact that the average gain is only 1-1.5 inch in length or .5-1 inch in width depending on the surgery had. The price is something you should consider too, unless your well off it could be too much of a price to justify with surgery costing up to $30000.

what other options are there?

The other option available and the one long considered the best way how to grow your penis is by using a combination of exercises specifically designed to enlarge the penis. The main ones been jelqing and flexes, jelqing concentrates on helping the penis expand by using a milking motion with the index finger and thumb on an semi erect penis. flexes on the other hand are designed to strengthen the muscles around the penis by flexing and holding different muscles for an extended period of time. For more information on these techniques click here.

How To Enlarge Penis Size With 2 Stunningly Simple Techniques

To enlarge penis size more and more people are turning to using natural exercises instead of spending thousands of pounds to have penis enlargement surgery. Exercises to enlarge penis size are in my own (and many others) opinion the best method by far to help your penis enlarge. They hold many advantages over other methods such as the length and width increase gained is a lot more with using exercises than it is with other methods.


To enlarge penis size naturally two main types of exercises are used stretches and jelqs. The stretches have one purpose which is to help stretch the penis whilst jelqing has a double objective to enlarge penis size and that is stretching and adding thickness. Many other exercises exist to help enlarge penis size but stretching and jelqs are two that most penis enlargement websites agree on.

Stretches can be used on the penis with the hands or with the use of special apparatus' with the main objective of stretching the ligaments helping to enlarge penis size. Care must be taken when applying stretches making sure that you: A) Use a proper penis lubricator. B) A days rest is taken for every two days of exercise.

Jelqing holds great authority with helping to enlarge penis size and as been used for centuries. in europe of old jelqing exercises were passed down from parents to help enlarge penis size in their children. Just like with stretches the proper jelqing techniques should be employed when been practised such as not jelqing with a fully erect penis and doing a through warm up and warm down. So too should the right after care be applied.

All exercises you use to enlarge penis size should be followed to the letter, the best web sites out there will give you a exercise plan to follow with a detailed step by step workout designed for maximum acheivement. So don't just find the first article that half explains a method that helps enlarge penis size or you could end up causing more harm then good. Instead find a site that deals solely in exercises for penis enlargement and read the articles there, some even offer videos to help show the correct methods to enlarge penis size. The site with the best user feedback and success rate can be found here.